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The Ickleford Neighbourhood Plan –
your chance to help shape the future of your village

The Parish Council believes that it would be a promising idea to create a Neighbourhood Plan to help shape the future of our village, and we are asking for your help to do so. The Plan would be sponsored and supported by Ickleford Parish Council, but needs to be driven by a team made up from the wider village community.  It would be the team’s responsibility to create the Vision, Objectives and Policies which make up the Plan.
Further information can be found here, and please do contact Cllr Miles Maxwell if you are interested in getting involved or would like to find out more -  or 17 Witter Avenue, Ickleford, SG5 3UF

Notice of parish councillor vacancy
Following the resignation of Clare Tagg, a casual vacancy has arisen for a councillor on Ickleford Parish Council. Please click here to view the notice of vacancy produced by North Hertfordshire District Council (NHDC).
Further information about Ickleford Parish Council can be found in theᅠParish Councilᅠsection of the website. Minutes of previous meetings provide details of current projects and the Policies section includes information on the Parish Council’s procedures. The most recent Annual Reports can be found here.

Update on the Village Green noticeboard
The Parish Council is pleased to report that the remedial work on the Village Green noticeboard has been completed. An initial supply of drawing pins has been left on the display area of the noticeboard for any posters or notices that you may wish to put up here, and we would be grateful if these could be used instead of staples.  

Ickle Drama Summer Course!
Ickle Drama Summer Course, page to stage in five days at Ickleford Village Hall, Mon 31st July to Fri 4th Aug, 10am to 3.30pm. For this year’s production details please check out our website. Click here for the booking form.

Ickleford Pre-School places
Ickleford Pre-School has nursery places available for the academic year 2017-18 if your child was born between 1st September 2013 and 31st August 2014.  We also have playgroup places available for children aged from 2 to 3 years of age. For further details or if you would like to arrange a visit, please contact Stephanie Woodhead, Pre-School Secretary, on 07951 801574 or email

Parish Council continues to press for answers on Local Plan
Your Parish Council continues to raise questions about the proposed NHDC Local Plan in The Comet.
A letter from the Chairman of Ickleford Parish Council expressing grave concerns about NHDC's consultation on the Proposed Submission Local Plan was published in the paper at the end of June. Cllr David Levett, NHDC’s executive member for planning and enterprise, responded to this letter in the edition dated 13 July.
The Parish Council felt that the major points of the Chairman’s original letter had not been addressed by Cllr Levett - please click here to view our response published in the current edition of The Comet.

District Cllr Spencer-Smith responds to the Parish Council’s letter about site LS1 and the Local Plan
Ickleford’s District Councillor, Harry Spencer-Smith, has responded to the Parish Council’s letter about the proposed development of site LS1 and the Local Plan which was published in The Comet in week commencing 26 June. His  response can be found here.

Proposed Submission Local Plan
NHDC Full Council approved the submission of the Plan for examination on 11 April 2017. The local plan documents will be submitted to Government by the end of May 2017. The next stages of the plan are in the Government’s hands. The Government will appoint a Planning Inspector to oversee an Examination in Public which is predicted to take place in autumn 2017. All of the responses from the latest consultation will be submitted in full for the Inspector’s consideration.

Background information about the Local Plan
The Local Plan 2011-2031 Proposed Submission Document can be viewed here, and information on the four sites proposed for Ickleford is on pages 169-171 and pages 190-191. A map showing the location of the four sites can be found here.

Response from Ickleford Parish Council
The Parish Council submitted responses for all Ickleford sites. We have included our responses below for your information:
- Site ICISite IC2; Site IC3; Site LS1
- Supporting information from Ickleford Parish Council
- DCLG Letter about Green Belt
- Department for Transport car ownership figures

Potential development of site LS1 (Land off Bedford Road)
Following on from the consultation event held on 6 July, please click here for information about this proposed development.  This site was included in the NHDC Proposed Submission Local Plan and is located close to the parish boundary with Stondon.  .

Development proposal of the Bowmans Mill site
Following on from the consultation event, information about the proposed development can be viewed here.

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