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Map of Ickleford

Planning Information

Local Plan News from the Parish Council -
updated 27 October 2017
The Inspector for the Local Plan has received a number of comments that not enough time may have been set aside in the hearings session timetable for discussion of some issues. As such, the timetable has been amended, with the site allocation hearings being moved from November 2017 to February 2018. 

The Parish Council is pleased to report that that the Inspector has taken our comments on board, and sites IC1, IC2, IC3 and LS1 will all be discussed in the same session. This session will take place on Tuesday 27 February 2018 at 9am. All the hearing sessions will be held in the Icknield Centre, Letchworth, and are open to members of the public to hear what is being discussed. We think it is important for as many residents of Ickleford as possible to attend our session to show the Inspector the strength of feeling that there is in our village.

Please click here to view the revised timetable. Further information about the Examination, including supporting documents, can be found on the NHDC website.

We will use this additional time to consider our written statement for the hearings alongside the changes to the Local Plan that we should suggest  to the Inspector in this submission.  We will update you on these deliberations at a future Parish Council meeting.

Proposed Submission Local Plan
The Government has appointed a Planning Inspector to oversee an Examination in Public which will take place in November 2017.

Background information about the Local Plan
The Local Plan 2011-2031 Proposed Submission Document can be viewed here, and information on the four sites proposed for Ickleford is on pages 169-171 and pages 190-191. A map showing the location of the four sites can be found here.

Response from Ickleford Parish Council
The Parish Council submitted responses for all Ickleford sites. We have included our responses below for your information:
- Site ICISite IC2; Site IC3; Site LS1
- Supporting information from Ickleford Parish Council
- DCLG Letter about Green Belt
- Department for Transport car ownership figures

Update from the meeting with Bim Afolami MP on
20 September

Members of Ickleford Parish Council, along with colleagues from other villages in north Herts, had a very positive meeting with our MP, Bim Afolami, on 20 September about the planning and development pressures in rural communities. Mr Afolami acknowledged the many flaws in the planning system, and has arranged a meeting with the Leader of NHDC, Cllr Lynda Needham, to review in some detail the impact of the NHDC Local Plan. To aid his discussions, we have provided Mr Afolami with information on the possible consequences of the proposed developments in Ickleford. That letter can be found here. Mr Afolami advised that he would update us on the outcomes of his meeting with Cllr Needham, and has requested a follow-up meeting with us towards the end of the year to advise on his progress on other actions he is undertaking in this sphere.

The Ickleford Neighbourhood Plan – your chance to help shape the future of your village
The Parish Council believes that it would be a promising idea to create a Neighbourhood Plan to help shape the future of our village, and we are asking for your help to do so. The Plan would be sponsored and supported by Ickleford Parish Council, but needs to be driven by a team made up from the wider village community.  It would be the team’s responsibility to create the Vision, Objectives and Policies which make up the Plan.
Further information can be found here, and please do contact Cllr Miles Maxwell to find out more -  or 17 Witter Avenue, Ickleford, SG5 3UF

Map of Ickleford Parish
Please click here to view a map showing the Ickleford parish boundary for your reference.

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