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LS1 update - application removed from agenda at tomorrow's NHDC Planning Control Committee meeting (Thursday 15 November)
NHDC has advised us that the LS1 planning application (Ref 18/01622 - Land to the east of Bedford Road and west of Old Ramerick Manor, Bedford Road, Ickleford), which was due to be reviewed at the Planning Control Committee meeting tomorrow night, has been taken off the agenda for that meeting. Letters and e-mails informing residents who submitted responses to the application and statutory consultees are being sent out today. It is not entirely clear why the decision was made not to review the application at this stage. NHDC cannot presently confirm which future meeting of the Committee will consider the application. We will keep you informed.

Ickleford Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group meeting, Wednesday 21 November, 8pm, Ickleford Village Hall
Members of the public are welcome - find out what the group is doing and get involved. Help us plan Ickleford’s future!

Impact of new estimates of housing needs on the NHDC Local Plan - an update
We advised you a few weeks ago that the Inspector of the North Hertfordshire District Council (NHDC) Local Plan had asked NHDC to comment on the lower estimates of housing needs based on the latest projection for household growth in England published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). NHDC has posted its response to the Inspector on its website – please click here to view.

In summary, NHDC believes that it would be inappropriate to amend the proposed housing numbers within the Local Plan based on the ONS report. This is disappointing – but perhaps not surprising – news. It will, of course, be for the Inspector to decide whether NHDC’s rationale for retaining their original housing need projection is valid.

Map of Ickleford Parish
Please click here to view a map showing the Ickleford parish boundary for your reference.

Ickleford & Lower Stondon session of the
Examination in Public
We would like to thank the many residents that attended the Hearing session  to demonstrate the strength of feeling about the sites included in the Local Plan for our village. We now await the Inspector’s Report.  Whilst we cannot predict  the outcome of the Inspector’s deliberations, please be assured that your Parish Council presented a strong case to the Inspector to challenge the Local Plan proposals for Ickleford.

Links to the presentations made at the Hearing are include below for your reference:
Main presentation
Education presentation
Concluding statement

Submission for the Examination in Public
- NHDC Draft Local Plan
At the Ickleford Parish Council meeting on 4 January 2018, our submission and supporting appendices for the Ickleford and Lower Stondon session of the Examination in Public (EiP) were reviewed and approved. These have been sent to the Inspector.
Further information about the Examination, including supporting documents, can be found on the NHDC website.

Proposed Submission Local Plan
The Government has appointed a Planning Inspector to oversee an Examination in Public which started in November 2017.
The Local Plan 2011-2031 Proposed Submission Document can be viewed here, and information on the four sites proposed for Ickleford is on pages 169-171 and pages 190-191. A map showing the location of the four sites can be found here.

Response from Ickleford Parish Council
The Parish Council submitted responses for all Ickleford sites. We have included our responses below for your information:
- Site ICISite IC2; Site IC3; Site LS1
- Supporting information from Ickleford Parish Council
- DCLG Letter about Green Belt
- Department for Transport car ownership figures

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